Ningbo Motor Industrial Co., Ltd.

Before getting more into Motorman HD, let us present Ningbo Motor Industrial Co., Ltd first. Go back to year 1999, Ningbo Motor Industrial Co., Ltd was just running business of automotive and motorcycle parts as a trading company. After years later since from 2004, Ningbo Motor built few joint-venture factories like shock absorbers with reliable suppliers who have quality products and also performance services.

To this day, we are still there in the same industry. But we are growing stronger and stronger together with those our business partners in same region. We will keep playing the role as supporter to our clients and markets in future.

Motorman HD is only one member from Ningbo Motor family, it is a team who is specially doing business for heavy duty vehicle applications, offering components for trucks, trailers and buses.

Products from Motorman HD

-Quality control to Sub-supplier of parts

-Incoming Inspection

-Online Inspection

-Processing Control

-Delivery Test

-Same standard as OE products

-ISO/TS 16949 Qualified

Work with Motorman HD

-R&D Support

-Customized Services

-Logistic Network of Asia, Europe and America

-Long-term Cooperation Strategy
Product List